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Brand Story

The House of Aparna Kaushik is a fingerprint of the discerning visionary behind its inception.

The architect and Founding Principal of the firm manifests an academically informed canon of work that blends European classicism with modernist tropical architecture.

Her designs, effected by an intuitive sensitivity to client preferences and an obsessive attention to detail, synchronizes social and cultural nuances to exude a subtle, yet distinctive, individuality.

Bringing the serenity of spiritualism to the design desk, Aparna translates her own connection to nature and human interaction with space to compose ergonomic and responsive structural forms.

Single handedly establishing her eponymous design studio over a decade ago, Aparna has worked meticulously and with creative vigour to become one of the leading architects in the country.

She has developed a prolific roster of work that spans expansive luxury estates, stylishly intimate boutiques, immersive spas, chic restaurants and more.

The House of Aparna Kaushik is unique in that it undertakes comprehensive design-to-build services. Offering discerning clients, a thorough and cohesive design experience.

Working across disciplines of architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design, and landscaping, the dedicated team at the design house, led by the immaculately polished style sense of Aparna herself, conceive and execute synergistic, forward-thinking and visually striking projects.

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