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Who I Am

"Clarity of purpose and simplicity are the essence of design. I design to accentuate the natural qualities of a space; amplifying its particular beauty through seamless functionality and unique form."
- Aparna Kaushik

Aparna Kaushik is a leading designer of ultra-luxury estate homes in India.

Her versatile projects span a comprehensive range of luxury lifestyle creations. Infusing her experimental processes with scientific clarity and pragmatism, Aparna creates exemplary spaces that range from awe-strikingly expansive to stylishly intimate.

She is the founding principal and design director of a design-and-build firm that works across architecture, interiors, furniture, lighting, product design, and landscaping. She has handled a variety of projects including residences, commercial developments, retail outlets, restaurants, spas and pubs.

Most sought-after for her unique balance of both aspirational design and precision, Aparna has lent her signature expertise to develop noteworthy projects; in particular, bespoke residential estates. She combines timeless architecture with inventive interiors through a masterful attention to detail.

Like any true artist, Aparna intricately handles every component of the design process from conception to execution. From furniture and lighting to floor plans and elevations, her creations are inherently cohesive.

This philosophy of inclusive design integrates the client's explicit requirements with their most subtle preferences. All of which, Aparna executes with an exceptional level of craftsmanship.

Fascinated by art and architectural history, Aparna's designs pursue a studied style fusion of both contemporary and classical forms. The resulting creations are visually striking as well as structurally innovative.

Her partnerships with prominent International designers fuel a vibrant design ethos built on globally venerated standards and trends.

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